Where Dynomantle Is Going

Dynomantle started as a series of productivity tools I built for myself. The key goal was retention of knowledge: being able to do a full text search of my bookmarks as well as take notes of key points.

It has more than accomplished that goal and become an essential tool for my career.

However, knowledge retention was always meant to be just a starting goal, not an end goal. The end goal for Dynomantle was always much more ambitious. The end goal for Dynomantle is to change our relationship with technology.

I fundamentally believe that technology should work for us, not the other way around. Yet, we all find ourselves scrolling endlessly through content of created for the sole purpose of going viral. Web searches are flooded with content created for the sole purpose of SEO. Most of this content is just empty calories, but we hunger for knowledge so we consume it anyway and we feel the need to consume a large amount of it. That consumption provides ad revenue and technology is built to optimize for that revenue resulting in algorithms designed to provide us with more empty calories.
We shouldn't be serving technology by providing it with more ad revenue. Technology should be serving us by enriching our lives.

Dynomantle's core design starts down that path. Tracking reading progress allows us to make progress on long form reads that go deep into a topic without needing to commit to 20+ minute reading sessions. Being able to take notes or annotate a web page directly while reading allows for more active reading. The ease of organization of bookmarks encourages bookmarking more great content that we notice, but may not have time to engage at that moment.

That's all just the tip of the iceberg of things that need to be done though. The most critical knowledge isn't dictated to. It is discovered. It is gained when we think critically about the information presented to us and add our own insights to it. More importantly, critical knowledge is gained when we discuss and interact with others. Real knowledge comes from sharing experiences and perspective. This is why massive online courses haven't made group classes extinct. 

Up til now, Dynomantle has focused building productivity tools for oneself. That will serve as an excellent foundation for what's next which will be enabling the discovery of real knowledge between groups of people.  It won't be an easy path as much of the modern web is designed for engagement. There are many common (and expected) interactions that need to be re-thought. Yet, this is the path most worth taking.